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PHP Developer Brasov la grankify în Brasov

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We are a Canadian web development company looking to open a new office in Brasov and would love for 2 brave PHP developers to join us.

As with any development job ad you need to know everything beforehand, we know. So here are the skills we seem fit for our future colleagues:

– Dracula fighting skills (we want you for the long term, so we can’t afford losing you to this evil menace!);

– you need to have a solid grasp of PHP;

– some mysql knowledge;

– basic knowledge of git and/or svn;

– some javascript

– and of course html/css with the basics of responsiveness;

– team player, so we can actually work together – no degrees or diplomas needed;

The projects are varied and the environment will be very dynamic, so if you like to spend the next 2-3 years working on one project / one tech stack this job is not for you. Really, it isn’t. The projects vary from in-house frameworks to Laravel, Symfony2, WordPress, the possibility to get involved in DevOps projects and many others… so a lot to learn.

So if you’ve got to this point your English must not be bad – it’s important to be able to communicate in The Queen’s language (written and spoken). If you still think you’re up for the job let’s get in touch by sending a resume to hello@grankify.com.

However if you don’t find yourself in the above skills description but know a buddy don’t hold it all to yourself, pass on the charm!

Article source: http://www.joobs.ro/it/locuri-de-munca/php-developer-brasov-la-grankify-in-brasov-6661