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HRS Romania

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Scurta descriere a companiei

Moving forward is impossible without the initial drive to do things differently. Our business is all about the people we come across, whether it’s in our everyday interactions or in our vision for the brand.


Your attention span is better than a goldfish’
You’re willing to put in the work when needed (we do however like to work smart, not only hard)
You can win at a math contest vs a 5th grader. (we have a data driven approach)
English skills: Know when to use “your” vs “you’re” and also spotted the mistake above.
You are a natural persuader: you could even convince Karen to shut up, listen and agree with you.


What’s in it for you?

You’ll find a supportive team of like minded individuals
You’ll get to sharpen you skills, learn how to find, select, assess and interview candidates
You’ll master Boolean Search, Xray, automation in recruitment and how to run competency based interviews in no time.

And just so you don’t feel like on a blind date:
We value your work-life balance provide flexi-time a fully virtual employee experience. HRS Romania is an equal opportunity employer we ALWAYS encourage creativity and crazy ideas! We surround ourselves with supportive like-minded individuals and never stop sharpening our skills!

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