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Short company description

We are an HR boutique company that find the right people in al major fields and industries, and connect them forward. As a company we are not specialised in a certain industry, but as individuals, we cover most of them: fmcg, telecom, pharma, IT, retail, automotives, oilenergy.

Our customers are either asking us to contribute to their business by recruiting the right candidate, or by training their teams, thus enabling them to convert their know how into measured growth. On occasion we do team buildings to lighten things up and bring teams together.

It is all about using our experience and creativity to help our partners and we enjoy a lot doing it!



● You developed up to four years of experience in online catalogue management and/or partner integration in B2B or B2C companies;
● You are proficient with Office (especially with Excel);
● You have unparalleled accuracy;
● You can manage multiple tasks simultaneously and balance priorities;
● Your English knowledge is upper intermediate (B2) or even better.


What you will do

From the Catalogue side:

● You will have full ownership of the products catalogue for each retailer (both partner and non-partner), taking care of products cataloging (descriptions, prices, images, categories etc) and categories mapping to meet local customers’ expectations in the best possible way.

For partner retailers, you will have to:
○ Run catalogue completeness check;
○ Set limits and delta for weight products;
○ Set limits per category (in particular, water and drinks);
○ Check the specifics of products promotions;
○ Verify the completeness of seasonal products (vegetables and fruit).

For non-partner retailers, you will have to create a standard catalogue of products that can be found in the stores by default, using Excel to create sheets with all the necessary information.

● You will be responsible for the online catalogue quality, reporting any bugs and improving and updating the products details whenever is necessary;
● You will run in-store check about products pricing and availability;
● You will work alongside Product Managers and Tech Developers to improve our customer experience on the website and app, hinting new features.

From the Integration side:

● You will work with retailer partners on challenging integration projects to include their products catalogue into our platform, setting each task and requirement, monitoring deadlines and implementation and solving any kind of issue that may arise;
● You will develop our relationship with retailers, introducing new products in their catalogue, monitoring product sales and ongoing sales effectiveness.

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